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Hello, citizens! Above is a current map of Coba - but man, it looks kind of empty, doesn't it? What a sad map, with no labeled locations.

But we thought, this game is entirely based on how characters change Coba to suit them, so we thought we'd hand it over to you guys to help us fill in some of those blanks!

▶ We attempted to make a grid to make it easier, so comment down below with the letter and number you want your location to be! Choose a letter going down, and a number going across to pick a box.

For example: D5 is one of the blocked out boxes, since we already have a few locations we're tossing in ourselves.

You're also welcome to photoshop in where you want your things to be! Additionally, more than one location can be in one box. Those little squares are for buildings, and we will be adding and removing based on what we - and you guys - come up with.

▶ Choose as few or as many as you want! Feel free to use the mod plurk for coordination between casts if you need to, or feel free to coordinate in comments down below!

▶ Some of you have already provided us some wonderful locations already! There's the link in case you wish to place them yourselves!

THIS IS NOT REQUIRED AT ALL. We just thought it'd be fun to include you guys in our world-building shenanigans! ♥
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A8 would be a nice place for the pathway leading up to the Nameless Shrine I think. Since I specified it was up north and all.

I wouldn't mind if the forest extended a ways too.
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I WANT A DUMB SUPERHERO SIGNAL like batman does. Maybe it changes for different superheroes, idk. Maybe an Avengers building too? A general hero's hangout.